Sri Lanka - 10 years after the big tsunami

The devastating Tsunami of 2004, which struck thousands along the seashores of the Indian Ocean, was followed by an enormous wave of donations from all over the world. Billions of USD were directed to the countries affected by the monster flood.

The international aid agencies were involved in an incredible on site competition to fulfill the promises declared towards their donors. They proclaimed to help the poorest of the poor.

Gabriela Neuhaus und Angelo Scudeletti have been visiting Sri Lanka several times between 2005 und 2014. They met in many relocation sites numerous Tsunami victims to record their experiences in the aftermath of the natural disaster and to investigate about the results of the aid organization's activities.

The film BUFFER ZONE gives evidence of the fact, how the international aid agencies supported the policies of the Sri Lankan Government to do away with dwellers and fishermen living close to the the paradise like beaches. Thousands of poor families have been relocated to areas far from their former places, in order to clear the beachfront for huge tourist projects.

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